Adit Testdesk V2 Beta Available!

Adit Testdesk 2

Be the first to get advantage of Adit Testdesk’s new features! Adit Software makes a major update to Adit Testdesk available to beta testers. The new release features a completely revamped user interface that mimics MS Office 2007 look and feel, adds Project Explorer, allows implementing surveys, and throws in support for a host of new types of questions.

New Look and Feel

The updated Adit Testdesk is now easier to use and to learn than ever. The updated user interface features ribbons instead of toolbars and menus, much like Microsoft Office 2007. If you ever used the Office suite, you’ll feel immediately comfortable with Adit Testdesk.

New Features

New Adit Testdesk adds Project Explorer, a feature that allows accessing all your quizzes, tests, surveys, and exams from a single place. In addition, the updated Adit Testdesk supports case studies in questions, and allows for grading the answers manually for essays and other types of questions that are better graded by a human being. The addition of test variables makes it possible to retain certain values and use them throughout the test.

New Types of Questions

Old Adit Testdesk already supported everything that was there in paper test, and added a lot of things that could only be done on a PC. The new, improved Adit Testdesk adds even more question types to allow for more diverse tests and exams than ever. New types of questions include Build List Reorder, Create a Tree, Grid and Multiple Grid, Constant Sum, Essay (that’s the one we grade by hand!), Gap Fill / Cloze, Multiple Hotspot, Select and Place, Drag and Connect, Adobe Flash, Date and / or Time, Draw, Spoken Response (you guessed just right – we grade this one manually), File Upload, and Explanation.

Recieve free version for testing!

All active beta testers receive free versions of the Adit Testdesk.

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